Trusty Combo

These two never seem to fail me. We’ve been playing some Warmachine again, preparing for a tournament next weekend.I’m taking along my tried and true combo of Siege and Stormclad. They wreck face.


I don’t know… It’s just a quick character sketch.Kinda looked like Chuck Norris to me when I finished.


Just finished up Thunderspire Labyrinth, one of the pre-written 4e DnD campaigns.It’s time to move on to the next story and a new group of heroes. So farewell Trotter’s Independent Traders. It has been both an honour and a pleasure.I’m sure we’ll meet again soon … Continue readingFarewell

Last week I placed an order with Maelstrom for a bunch of figures that I intend to paint up as DnD NPCs.As a bit of a joke I entered my ‘Special Packing Instructions’ which read something like, “Please draw a dinosaur or a wizard on … Continue reading


I’ve got this terribly sore throat…Couldn’t help but imagine it as some kind of precursor to moaning for brains and all the rest.


We got our new video editing computer set up at work today.It’s quite the beast of a machine. A totem of black plastic and brushed metal.It looks especially impressive when surrounded by all our plain Macs. But the most exciting thing about this acquisition is … Continue readingFinally

They Did What!?

I didn’t have enough time yesterday to write something about what went down but let me catch you up on the story. Early on Saturday morning my card declined when I tried to purchase a drink from a gas station for $2.70.Having just had payday … Continue readingThey Did What!?