In case you haven’t been keeping up, Blizzcon took place this past weekend. Plenty of choice information to feast your mind on if you’re into their shit.But the addition of a pet battling system to WoW? Really? Couldn’t wait for Nintendo to get around to … Continue readingMur-lokemon

Good Times

Almost at the end of the Rugby World Cup insanity.Soon I’ll get my carpark back at work, although I’m not sure I’ll use it. The train kinda appeals to me. It’s getting close to gaming season and I’m rather excited. I got my monthly copy … Continue readingGood Times

Sergei’s Exterminate Service, Part One

I’m not sure if it’s something I ate, but my blood must taste bad. Almost everyone who has slept in my flat over the last week has walked away with bites. Somehow I remain untouched by the night-visitors, these tiny vampires.