Can’t Stop The Beat

The trailer in the strip can be found/watched here. I enjoyed the last one and this looks like an interesting set up. Best keep my eyes on it.

New Game +

So, like the comic says, I finished Mass Effect 2 today and already I’m pining for the next one. My Commander Shepard has gone a little off the rails in this installment and her Paragon status, while intact, is visibly slipping. I guess that after … Continue readingNew Game +

Shut Up and Drive

Something a little different for today. This took me for fucking EVER! Hope you like. Also, I’ve set up a Facebook page for The Highscore Kid so you can get updates when I post new stuff.

The Inevitable

Real people, real requests. I’ve been spending a bit of time on Mass Effect recently. Yes, that’s right, Mass Effect the first. I’ve been hearing good things for a while now and thought that if I was going to play the third one I’d better … Continue readingThe Inevitable