Off I Go Then

Here we go again. In about 5 hours time I shall be airborne and on route to LA. I’ve packed as lightly as I usually do. These bags are small and still only half full. Oh well more room for PH4T L00TZ! I was feeling … Continue readingOff I Go Then

This Is Not A Comic

So, I’m heading off to PAX again this year. It’s gonna be another massive transcontinental pilgrimage for the Highscore Kid. Hopefully I remember to bring all my chargers this time, amirite?I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with the blog while I’m away. You … Continue readingThis Is Not A Comic

Birthday Monkey

So, the comic is late this weekend. And you’d be quite right in saying that I phoned it in pretty hard. But it’s my brother’s birthday today so I’ve been out of town visiting the family. His requested drawing was a monkey making a sandwich … Continue readingBirthday Monkey