Are You Asking For A Challenge?!

Anyone else been having fun with iOS6’s new GameCenter? I’m so close to cracking that 10 mil mark too… Update: highscore of 12,110,040 after a lifetime total of 353 games.

Time For A Change

It’s been over two years since I started this blog and I’ve decided to start doing something slightly more worthwhile than just cataloging my life. To that effect I have started working towards making Highscore Kid into a proper story. I can’t really say much … Continue readingTime For A Change

Act II

So, it’s the final morning of PAX. I’ve only got one day left to soak up as much nerdery as possible before it’s all GONE! For a whole nother year! Anyway, highlights from day two were; the Live DnD, where Acquisitions Incorporated fought lizardmen, featuring … Continue readingAct II

Loot Acquired

Well, that’s day one of PAX done. Almost all of my weekends objectives have already been met. -Take photos of cosplay girls for Blake? Check.-Find Dodger and gain photographic evidence for Wayne? Check.-Purchase the IKFMFRPGCR book for myself, and an extra one for Chris? Check. … Continue readingLoot Acquired