Played some BSG: the boardgame – Pegasus Edition – 20X6 tonight and as always we had a blast. It was a pretty rough round, with our resources taking some heavy hits early on that we never recovered from. But at least we got to eject … Continue readingDistrust

The Secret Is Out

I’ve been terribly busy this week and managed to forget about my Wednesday comic duties. Luckily I have deeply disturbed Facebook friends who can give me ideas…

Brain Goo

I’ve had a busy day at Flamescon 2012 today, so not much time for drawing. I did however find some downtime in which to do these sketches. Which I have quickly digitised up for cleanliness purposes. It’s more concepts for the new Highscore Kid storyline. … Continue readingBrain Goo

The High Road

There’s a certain sense on accomplishment you get when hundreds upon hundreds of orcs throw themselves at your maze of death only to be turned to puddles of gristle, sinew and blood. Sadistic, perhaps, but very satisfying. I can only imagine the despair that runs … Continue readingThe High Road