X-Ray Down



Being the last comic for the year I thought I’d spend some quality time on it. Plus the 20 odd hours I’ve sunk into XCOM demanded it’s own recognition. I actually had more fun when sharing a single player game with my brother, discussing what we wanted to research and debating tactics. Jumping straight into Ironman mode was pretty intense too. When the soldiers you’ve trained up and named start dying the freak-out is awesome.

On my own game at home I have this sniper, Liang Hu from China, who just destroys anything on the map while floating about in the air near the landing zone.

Play this game.

As an end of year bonus, and because this comic was a little more involved than the usual, here’s a look at my photoshop layers. If you’re interested in that kind of thing.



Quantum Favours


So we had quite the christmas party last night for work. Free drinks, free food, can’t complain.

In other news I was linked to some stellar fanart this week.


Someone pointed out to me that the whole thing is rather ironic; Addressing the subject of plagiarism by copying someone else’s work. Bravo, it’s very meta.


Roll On, Part Two

Well, it’s been 361 days since we saw these guys last, but I thought they were due a revisit.

If you are particularly fond of cavemen then check out these other drawings of mine from way back. Oh, and one recent one.

You could also have a look at my friend Mike’s “open source” Caveman vs Mammoth miniatures game. Or get a sneak peek at a newer, more streamlined, and not to mention hilarious Caveman vs Mammoth game that we’ve been working on just by visiting WWPD. (Hint: It’s near the end of the post.)