Stage Two


I’ve been having some brainwaves over the last couple of days. Ideas to do with future comics in another setting. So I’m contemplating a slight gear-shift once season one of Highscore Kid wraps up. Unless of course there is a sudden clamour for more HSK. 😛

Details about the new shiz will probably be posted here and discussed over on the Facebook page for those interested. So look out for that.


Cairnholm ep.2 – Guns and Roses

We had a short session this week as one player was away and a couple more had to leave early. But here is episode two.

We left our heroes surrounded in the street by corrupt watchmen with Sergeant Hill demanding they hand over the Cryxian Cortex. Needless to say the team didn’t want to cooperate and when Hill’s men moved forward a fight broke out.

Dib gets things started by throwing a knockout grenade at Sergeant Hill’s feet, which manages to knock out one of his bodyguards. Captain O’Hare and Sergeant Hill immediately square off and spend most of the fight ducking and dodging each other’s attacks. Pal decides to stick with the wounded Golden Crucible Guard, so they can both benefit from their Defensive Line tactics He also uses his stone magic to crush a rifle-armed watchman under a pile of stone roof tiles. In a side alley Alexis holds her ground against another assailant but her ranged attacks are largely shut down in the close quarters. Lalrii covers the party’s back, cutting down a pair of watchmen with his Nyss Claymore and then moving to help Alexis.

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Cairnholm ep.1 – Fools Rush In

Well! The first session was a blast. We started out with the “Fools Rush In” intro adventure, which I slightly altered to take place in Cairnholm. If you plan on running this adventure then there will be spoilers ahead. If you’ve already run it then read on, some rather interesting things happened… Here goes.

Our sessions begins by introducing the headquarters of our yet-to-be-named mercenary company which is a modest apartment on the second floor of a squat stone building in Oldtown. The first floor is taken up by an exotic food hall, where Nyss, Trollkin, and Rhullic cuisine are sold at various stalls.

Upstairs, our mercs are killing time. Cap’n O’Hare , the leader of the group, is sitting behind his desk, cleaning his gun, when footsteps are heard coming up the stairs outside. As soon as the knock rings out the door opens. An exhausted young human hands O’hear a bound letter, salutes, and leaves. The group has been summoned by Watch Captain Rourke, who is their last hurdle to getting their Mercenary Charter made official.

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