Cairnholm ep.6 – Night Terrors

‘Dib’s second session, time for Randall Chadry Peddleswarth to step up his game.

First, some information on Stonebridge itself.
Built on the main river that runs on down to Cairnholm, Stonebridge is a trading post with river barges coming and going from further inland. Its namesake bridges are also very important strategically and for that reason the Ordic army holds a sizeable garrison there.

The party decide to head straight back to Stonebridge despite the late hour and arrive at midnight. Randall (failing a physique roll) discovers that his Gator bites have become infected and refuse to heal properly. Nevertheless, upon entering Stonebridge he enters the nearest tavern with much bravado and demands four rooms. One for himself, one for Alexis, and two for Pal, Zee, O’Hare and Llalrii to split. Knowing that there are assassins about, O’Hare volunteers for first watch while the others catch some sleep. Zee decides to watch over the wagon and his ‘Jack and spends the night in the stables while Randall takes a bottle of fine wine to help him sleep.

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Cairnholm ep.5 – Stuck in the Mud

The next session, run by ‘Dib’, began with the party on the road back to Cairnholm. Having just completed a basic caravan escort job to the nearby town of Stonebridge they were slowly making their way home through the Ordic swamplands when they spotted a body lying in the road.

O’Hare pulls up the wagon and everyone moves in for a closer look. As they approach the man they can see that he is unarmed and dressed in a fine, if somewhat torn, coat. Llalrii binds his wounds and helps the man regain consciousness long enough to speak the words, “Stonebridge… Assassin…”

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Cairnholm ep.4 – Dirty Business

Surrounded by the muck and refuse of an entire city the unnamed (come on guys) mercenaries push on through the sewer tunnels in search of some no-good Rhulic saboteurs.

Earlier that day Zee had received an urgent missive from his clan’s trading post in Lowtown. It turns out that a rival clan, the Vaine, were going to destroy their final bastion of trade. Having fallen on some hard times recently the Sons of Stonefathers couldn’t suffer the loss of such an important location and had decided to seek the aid of Zee and his merc friends.¬†All they knew was that the attack would come from below, from the sewers and the labyrinth of tunnels that wind their way under Cairnholm.

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