These Days


It’s been a busy week. Since last Saturday I’ve been staying down in Tauranga recording a bunch of songs for my upcoming solo EP. Band and CD names are still up in the air but I’ll put information up here when I have it. Today’s drawing was inspired by the fever-dreams that came about as a result of playing the same five songs over and over for six days.


If you’ve been enjoying my work on your monitor and wondering how it would look on an actual physical wall then wonder no more. I’ve started putting some of my work up on Society6 so you can actually get prints. If there are any old comics that you’d like to see made available then let me know via the Facebook page.


Orpheus – Fireworks

Excerpts from the journal of Connor Galloway, an employee of Orpheus and member of Crucible 7.


Richmond Virginia, October 23, 2013.

For the sake of completeness, and to help me get my own head around the events of today, I’m going to start from the start.

I awoke in my Orpheus dorm and stepped out into the common room as a team of administrative staff were dressing the place up. By the time I’d had breakfast and headed up to the Crucible 7 office the whole building had been preened and the staff were all wearing their finest. The place was the busiest I’d seen it.

Prator showed up just after nine, once we were all gathered, and checked to see who needed tuxedos. I raised my hand, as did Dahlia. Markus had arrived already dressed for the occasion, wearing something sharp from his own wardrobe, but decided to come along to get a new bowtie. Dan headed back to his apartment to pick his up. Prator let us know that Vivienne would be in shortly to take us for our fitting. When he left we saw him duck into the next office down and start the same speech there.

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Up In Smoke


So it looks like I’m getting a bunch of traffic thanks to my comic about Nevermind. The least I can do is return the favour. If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter yet please do. This game looks fantastic and is halfway through it’s funding period with only 20% of the money needed to get it made. It would be a shame for the game not to be made, I want to PLAY IT!

Anyway, here’s another Orpheus related comic. If you’ve been reading along then this may be a slight spoiler for you. Actually it’s more of a teaser… Yeah, that sounds much better.

Pay To Wing

In case you’re not interested in the Elder Scrolls Online and haven’t been listening out for the ruckus I’ll fill you in. Or at least provide links so you can catch up. The short version of it is that the developers have opted to make an entire race an exclusive pre-order bonus. Naturally I felt a compulsion to blow this all out of proportion for my comic. See if you can guess at which panel shit gets fictitious.

Now, I can see this working out for certain settings. The Warhammer 40K MMO, for example, that would restrict the hordes of free-to-play gamers to being orks, ensuring that they always outnumbered the elite Space Marines (read: paying customers). If a similar dichotomy was being created here – perhaps with Imperials being better equipped but pitted against all the other factions – I think people would be more accepting. But this is a subscription + box-price game and it’s causing some tension in it’s once-eager fans.0211-PayToWing

Orpheus – Shake It Up

Excerpts from the journal of Connor Galloway, an employee of Orpheus and member of Crucible 7.


Richmond Virginia, October 21, 2013.

Over the weekend we were inundated with new stories surrounding the events at Bishop’s headquarters. Luckily for us the only footage making the rounds was terribly grainy and taken from a cell phone. We saw the same ten second clip over and over on every network and the message being told was always the same. Politicians from all over the country were making their opinions known, calling the behaviour ‘unacceptable’ and begging for regulations to be put in place. Even those who weren’t openly decrying the act, those who were simply happy to have the Pigment off the streets, were calling for sweeping law changes.

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Nevermind The Cheating

As a bit of a prologue I feel like I should tell you all about this Kickstarter. The game is called Nevermind and to cut a long story short it becomes harder the more stressed you get. The idea is that you not only have to conquer the game, but also your own stress while playing it. Go check that link I left you to get the full story, it’s definitely worth the watch.

Even though I’m not a huge horror fan I am however a huge fan of anything that pushes gaming into new territory and so this game caught my eye. The idea of creating games to help people deal with real life issues is in interesting one. I believe that games can help you deal with all kinds of personal things and this game is interesting in it’s focus.0208-NevermindTheCheating

Orpheus – Haywire

Excerpts from the journal of Connor Galloway, an employee of Orpheus and member of Crucible 7.


Richmond Virginia, October 19, 2013.

Back on the roof of the Orpheus building we were met by Lisa and Prator. Needless to say, when we told Prator about everything that happened on the Andromeda he was taken aback. The swarm of spectres, the black ops team, and the news that there were anti-ghost weapons out there gave us all plenty to think about. I handed over the relocked briefcase without comment and he told us that no other crucible could have handled the situation as well as we did. Lisa took the girl we rescued, Taylor, under her wing and led her inside.

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