These Days

  It’s been a busy week. Since last Saturday I’ve been staying down in Tauranga recording a bunch of songs for my upcoming solo EP. Band and CD names are still up in the air but I’ll put information up here when I have it. … Continue readingThese Days

Up In Smoke

  So it looks like I’m getting a bunch of traffic thanks to my comic about Nevermind. The least I can do is return the favour. If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter yet please do. This game looks fantastic and is halfway through it’s … Continue readingUp In Smoke

Pay To Wing

In case you’re not interested in the Elder Scrolls Online and haven’t been listening out for the ruckus I’ll fill you in. Or at least provide links so you can catch up. The short version of it is that the developers have opted to make … Continue readingPay To Wing


  I whipped up this piece last night in order to get ahead for this weekend. I’m going to be out of town for 5 days so tonight’s comic will be set to go up on Saturday. So plan. Wow, much timing.

Orpheus – Haywire

Excerpts from the journal of Connor Galloway, an employee of Orpheus and member of Crucible 7.   Richmond Virginia, October 19, 2013. Back on the roof of the Orpheus building we were met by Lisa and Prator. Needless to say, when we told Prator about … Continue readingOrpheus – Haywire