The Oracle


When the aliens blocked all satellite communication, a group of American corporations funded a project that would see an entirely wired internet spread across the country. Now, hundreds of years later, the Oracle Network has deteriorated to the point where only a select few are born with the ability to interface with it. Unfortunately for them, their connection is a permanent one and many Oracles are driven mad by the constant influx of information. 0426-TheOracle



I’m starting up a new RPG soon with my usual group. This one is a little different however as it’s set sometime in the future. The game will see the party entering a quarantined America, that has been shut off from the world for hundreds of years, in order to reestablish contact and investigate a mysterious phenomenon.0412-Dropoff

Ellis island in New York will be the point of entry for this particular team, with two others being deployed in DC and Florida. At the moment I’ve taken to calling the game United Wastes of America and it draws influence from Fallout, Metro, Mad Max etc.