Ep.1 – Raid and Rescue

This is a game report from the 1000 Isles campaign written and run by Sean Goodison. Disclaimer: Yes, I re-purpose a lot of info from pre-written modules. But isn’t the art of DMing about weaving those moments together into something bigger? This story still belongs to me and my players. I hope you enjoy it.


In the heart of a typical summer on Morden Isle the town of Shale is alive with trade. Situated halfway around the islands large, circular bay this is the home to many hunters, trappers, fishermen and merchants. While not the largest town, boasting less than a thousand residents, there is a constant flow of travellers moving through the port usually on their way to other larger destinations.

Today, merchants from nearby Harport roam the streets looking for furs, fish and wine. Local fishermen have taken to the harbour looking for today’s catch while the rest of the townsfolk go about their business ashore.

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Atticus’ Journal, part 1

This is the Journal of Atticus O’Sullivan.
by Andrew Haught

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a druid. You may ask why I am a druid, and I could go into a long story about how my mentor who later became my Arch Druid save me from a bad life that was only going to get worse.  But it’s a long and common enough tale for a pure blood elf these days in the 1000 Isles.
Though my arch druid was not your typical druid, he was what we would call fixed in his ways, he believed in the old ways.  So unlike other apprentices who practiced producing their magic with simple totems I had to take the old path.  You see long ago before we devolved ways to make simple totems a druid had to bind himself with the magic we use.
Since we draw power from the earth we had to bind ourselves to the earth.

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New Stars


Here’s a little illustration inspired by a song of mine that everyone seems to like.0805-NewStars

Caught myself drifting down the line, and I had lost all track of time.
This mean ol’ ship she barely, keeps herself together these days.
But I’d still tell ya that I’m fine.

I bought my guns from outta town, but I don’t really need ’em now.
Since law and order showed me, aint no place for heroes these days.
I took them guns and laid ’em down.

A pretty girl she took my life, cut it out of my chest with a knife.
This heart of gold is rusting, not so desired these days.
Oh these damn girls, they bring me strife.

But what do you know, there’s a great black hole in my path.
So I’ll go, into the unknown.
And I’m no fool, but it’s got me in it’s gravitational pull.
I said, “Boy soon you’ll be seeing some new stars.”