HSK at PAX Aus, 2014, day 1

What a first day!

My first stop was at the booth for Evolve, which is an asymmetrical FPS that pits four ‘hunter’ players against a single ‘monster’ player. Each hunter chooses their class, either assault, support, trapper, and medic, which is what I played. The medic in Evolve is quite an interesting class. As well as it’s medigun, which lets you heal from afar, she also has a pair of sniper rifles, one that marks and slows the enemy and one that creates weakpoints for your team to exploit.

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Ep. 4 – Cragmaw Castle

In the morning Fargrim realises that the party is rather close to Old Owl Well, the site of an abandoned trading post built upon a ruin. Having heard rumours of undead near the well he suggests that the party check it out, since it will only be a short detour. They all agree but send Valare on ahead to Cragmaw Castle to scout out the defenses.

Cresting a low hill scattered with trees they spot Old Owl Well from a distance. A set of broken walls around a weedy courtyard lies next to the old trade road. Behind the walls sits the crumbled base of a centuries-old tower. A brightly coloured tent is pitched in the middle of the courtyard and the heroes approach slowly.

As they get closer a group of zombies, previously hidden in the ruined tower, begins to shamble towards them. As the two groups meet one zombie goes down as they flail at the adventurers. At this moment a bald head pops out of the tent and cries out, “What is the meaning of this?” When Chad responds the dwarf waves his hand and the Zombies step back. He introduces himself as Hamun Kost and Fargrim notes that he is a Stormweaver, a member of the Dwarven clan Bale. Chad also identifies the tattoo on his forehead as being of necromantic origin.

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