The Hybrid (United Wastes)

Despite strict quarantines there are still those living in the United Wastes who fall victim to Revellan’s Disease. Most people are incapable of fighting the disease and as it slowly takes over their body and mind it transforms them into a primitive and monstrous creature.

But there are those whose fortitude proves a match for the disease, and while it can never be cured it can be managed through training. Those who succeed in repressing the worst symptoms can often make use of the side-effects. These people are referred to as Hybrids.

A Hybrid can, through intense training, learn to harness the raw power offered by their disease while still retaining enough clarity of mind to pull themselves back from the brink when their need has passed. While ‘raging’ they are capable of great feats of strength and fortitude and some hybrids’ bodies are even capable of fluctuating through rapid mutations that grant even more benefits.

With a biological connection to the wild Chimera of the United Wastes, Hybrids often find it easier to relate to these beasts and some are even able to calm and train them for periods of time.


Lindon Blacktooth, Cleric of the Storm Unending


Lindon spent most of his life sailing aboard various pirate vessels. Surrounded by the superstition of the sea he always made sure to perform a simple prayer each morning.

On the one day he forgot, Lindon’s ship was enveloped by a storm and Lindon himself was stuck by lightning. In a vision Lindon found himself in the eye of a vicious and immense maelstrom that pulsed with lightning and whipped at his clothes, and he was humbled before it.¬†When he miraculously awoke Lindon was a changed man, he had seen the power of the tempest and understood its awful wrath. From that day on he devoted himself to the worship of that Storm Unending, the mother of all storms, and from this worship he found himself imbued with new power.

Wielding a copper alloy sword and wearing copper armour, Lindon smites his enemies with electrical blasts as he ventures the world in search of his god, the storm he saw in his vision.


The Agent (United Wastes)

In Manhattan, the capital of the United Wastes, scientific research into the effects of Revellan’s Disease has resumed. Teams of biologists work around the clock to pick apart the strains of the pathogen that decimated the world. No expense is spared and no boundary is left uncrossed.

Through the application of several engineered strains of Revellan’s Disease the new government has created their own breed of hybrid to serve as their defenders. These Agents do not typically show any outward signs of mutation while gaining some of the superhuman traits of the traditionally infected.

With enhanced reflexes and martial arts training an Agent is an effective yet inexpensive asset to whatever squad they are assigned. The are perfectly capable of fighting Chimera without the use of the arms or armour a regular soldier would require.

Despite the widespread deployment of Agents the engineered modifications are still in their test phases. Rumours circulate about Agents whose mutations have continued to progress while in the field and it is said that they eventually lose their minds. Proof of these events has of course yet to surface.

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