Spellbook Version 2

My partner spotted this awesome hand-bound book while we were at Armageddon over the weekend. It was just too perfect not to use for my spellbook… So I started again.

But on the upside, the paper is nice and thick (handmade!) so it absorbs watercolour and ink pens really well without too much bleeding through.

1026-SpellbookV2-1 1026-SpellbookV2-2 1026-SpellbookV2-3 1026-SpellbookV2-4

Fortune Teller – Sketchies


Whenever I’m working on a complex illustration, like this scene or a character with lots of layered clothing, I like to do my sketch layers in different colours.
If you look closely at this image you can see where I drew in the fortune teller’s skeleton, and basic body shapes (in red and blue) as a base for the clothing.