Feloren, Triton Barbarian

NPC #15:¬†Feloren, Triton Barbarian Sent by her people to study the land-dwellers, Feloren thought that wearing some cast-off surfacer “artifacts” might help her blend in.

Sirocco, Tabaxi Monk

NPC #14: Sirocco, Tabaxi Monk Sirocco lives to run and prides himself on being faster than anyone he meets. One day he ran so fast, and so far that he forgot the way home.

Aelar, Firbolg Cleric

NPC #13: Aelar, Firbolg Cleric Growing up in a city orphanage, Aelar is determined to reconnect with his Firbolg heritage by venturing into the wilderness. Loving the new races in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.