Lex, Air Genasi Wizard

NPC #24: Lex, Air Genasi Wizard To Lex’s ears, adventuring sounds suspiciously like work. She’d much rather stay home with her cats, plants, and arcane experiments.

Alberich, High-Elf Fighter

NPC #23: Alberich, High-elf Fighter The six blades he carries once belonged to the students he failed to protect. Now the time for lessons, drills, and theory is long gone.

Hale, Aasimar Fighter

NPC #22: Hale, Aasimar Fighter No matter what emerges from the sprawling cemetery known as The Gardens, Hale will give his life to see the living protected from the dead.

Alexis, Half-elf Kensei

NPC #21: Alexis, Half-elf Kensei Alexis poured her life into mastering her blade and now it is all she needs. More than friends, more than food, more than morality.