Odette, Firbolg Warlock

NPC #28: Odette, Firbolg Warlock As cities sprang up around her grove Odette kept the promise she’d made to the archfey. Her land would stay wild for as long as she lived.

Baern, Dwarf Druid

NPC #27: Baern Königsberg, Dwarf Druid There are places out in the wilds where the rocks speak to those who know how to listen. Baern hopes to find and protect those places.

Nyx, Gnome Paladin

NPC #26: Nyxie ‘Stoneheart’ Ningel, Gnome Paladin To prevent disaster Nyx Stoneheart took the Oath of Judgement, dedicating her life to the suppression of dark magic and those who wield it.

Holdt, Half-orc Rogue

NPC #25: Holdt, Half-orc Rogue Til his debts are paid, Holdt’s life of adventure will have to wait. For now he keeps himself entertained with the occasional bar fight.