Ep. 4 – Cragmaw Castle

In the morning Fargrim realises that the party is rather close to Old Owl Well, the site of an abandoned trading post built upon a ruin. Having heard rumours of undead near the well he suggests that the party check it out, since it will only be a short detour. They all agree but send Valare on ahead to Cragmaw Castle to scout out the defenses.

Cresting a low hill scattered with trees they spot Old Owl Well from a distance. A set of broken walls around a weedy courtyard lies next to the old trade road. Behind the walls sits the crumbled base of a centuries-old tower. A brightly coloured tent is pitched in the middle of the courtyard and the heroes approach slowly.

As they get closer a group of zombies, previously hidden in the ruined tower, begins to shamble towards them. As the two groups meet one zombie goes down as they flail at the adventurers. At this moment a bald head pops out of the tent and cries out, “What is the meaning of this?” When Chad responds the dwarf waves his hand and the Zombies step back. He introduces himself as Hamun Kost and Fargrim notes that he is a Stormweaver, a member of the Dwarven clan Bale. Chad also identifies the tattoo on his forehead as being of necromantic origin.

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Ep. 3 – Forest Encounters

Haytham isn’t particularly thrilled by the news that Glasstaff has escaped. He tells the party that he will be unable to give them the location of the supply cache but as a consolation he promises to grant them the deed to Tresendar Manor. After all, the Redbrand menace has been ended.
As the meeting is wrapping up a young dwarf bursts in and addresses Tomi. “Strongfoot, sir?” Tomi nods and the boy continues, “your uncle Len has been wounded while fighting off Orc raiders. I was told to come and get you, he’s at the Priory.”
Within a few minutes the heroes have reached Shale’s sole place of worship. The priory is a tall and narrow brick building with one side almost completely covered with creeping vines. Inside, sister Garaele leads Tomi to where his uncle lies in a deep sleep. Bandages cover what must have been a horrific wound on his right arm and chest. Garaele assures Tomi that Len is stable but reveals that due to the severity of his wound she will be unable to heal him. With the Shale relic still missing her ability to perform her spells is rather limited.

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Ep.2 – Dealing with the Redbrands

A few days after their rescue mission Valare is once again sent to round up the party. Haytham has another job for them. It seems that in the wake of the goblin raid a group of thugs, under the authority of the Redbrand Builder’s Guild, have begun strong-arming villagers into using their services for all repairs. Haytham explains that his hands are tied in this situation as Shale gets a lot of it’s funding from the trade guilds in Harport and they won’t look kindly on anyone who interferes with their associates business. Nevertheless the Redbrands have gone too far and must be made to pay for terrorizing the helpless citizens.

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Varden Kohl, Acolyte of the Open Eye


Varden is a half-dwarf monk and a member of the Order of the Open Eye. This order is known throughout the 1000 Isles for it’s never-ending quest for knowledge, truth, and the revealing of secrets. Varden has spent his entire adult life in the pursuit of the answer to one question. Where did the old Gods go? His research has led him to Morden Isle, where records indicate he might find an intact meteor from the Great Catastrophe, and he is sure that this object holds the next clue.


Ep.1 – Raid and Rescue

This is a game report from the 1000 Isles campaign written and run by Sean Goodison. Disclaimer: Yes, I re-purpose a lot of info from pre-written modules. But isn’t the art of DMing about weaving those moments together into something bigger? This story still belongs to me and my players. I hope you enjoy it.


In the heart of a typical summer on Morden Isle the town of Shale is alive with trade. Situated halfway around the islands large, circular bay this is the home to many hunters, trappers, fishermen and merchants. While not the largest town, boasting less than a thousand residents, there is a constant flow of travellers moving through the port usually on their way to other larger destinations.

Today, merchants from nearby Harport roam the streets looking for furs, fish and wine. Local fishermen have taken to the harbour looking for today’s catch while the rest of the townsfolk go about their business ashore.

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Atticus’ Journal, part 1

This is the Journal of Atticus O’Sullivan.
by Andrew Haught

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a druid. You may ask why I am a druid, and I could go into a long story about how my mentor who later became my Arch Druid save me from a bad life that was only going to get worse.  But it’s a long and common enough tale for a pure blood elf these days in the 1000 Isles.
Though my arch druid was not your typical druid, he was what we would call fixed in his ways, he believed in the old ways.  So unlike other apprentices who practiced producing their magic with simple totems I had to take the old path.  You see long ago before we devolved ways to make simple totems a druid had to bind himself with the magic we use.
Since we draw power from the earth we had to bind ourselves to the earth.

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