My Canadian Life: The Grindstone

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After my last admittedly gloomy entry I found myself determined to make the most of all the free time that I’ve been presented with. The very next day I spent the morning researching where to buy custom PCs and in the afternoon took a train south over the Fraser river (for the first time) to place an order. It took a little under a week for the thing to be built, and it has only been a week since I picked it up, but it has had a marked effect already.

Since then I’ve been feeling so productive! Suddenly able to get back to digital art I completed the character illustration that I posted last week as well as some splash artwork for my Nomad Earth RPG setting, and I drew up the dungeon map for an adventure module I’ve been writing for the DMs Guild. Oh yes, I’ve also been able to do more writing, including a short story based in the Nomad Earth.

And that’s all before my computer desk even arrived! That little piece of tie-the-room-together furniture has given the place a whole new feeling. Before, everything was functional but felt so temporary, with my computer set atop a shoebox and its monitor perched on a bedside table. Now the space has a feeling of stability, like it’s admitted to itself (or me to myself) that I’m not leaving any time soon.

There’s a part of me that’s still kind of kicking myself, saying, “You could’ve saved a lot of money and just done this creative-time-off thing at home.” I don’t know whether it would be the same. I think there are less distractions here, and maybe that’s enough to make it worth it. (Although landing a job would still be nice, heh.)

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