X-Ray Down

  Being the last comic for the year I thought I’d spend some quality time on it. Plus the 20 odd hours I’ve sunk into XCOM demanded it’s own recognition. I actually had more fun when sharing a single player game with my brother, discussing … Continue readingX-Ray Down


Cut me some slack guys, I’m on holiday where the broadband is slower than dial-up. I did my best with the tools provided. 😛 Merry Christmas all!  


I still don’t know what Squinkies is… And don’t worry mum, it’s temporary. In other news, this is the third to last comic for this year and in this current comic format. I’ll be embarking on a new, more terrifying, journey in the new year, … Continue readingSquinkies

Quantum Favours

So we had quite the christmas party last night for work. Free drinks, free food, can’t complain. In other news I was linked to some stellar fanart this week. Someone pointed out to me that the whole thing is rather ironic; Addressing the subject of … Continue readingQuantum Favours


Played some BSG: the boardgame – Pegasus Edition – 20X6 tonight and as always we had a blast. It was a pretty rough round, with our resources taking some heavy hits early on that we never recovered from. But at least we got to eject … Continue readingDistrust