Caper, Tiefling Rogue

NPC #50: Caper, Tielfing Rogue If he can make enough money from adventuring, Caper will finally be able to return to his true passion: dance.

Bartholemew, Vampire Lord

NPC #49: Bartholemew, Vampire Lord Young men and women who are invited up to Von Corvidae manor never return. The townsfolk choose to believe they’ve simply left town.

Roland, Human Wizard

NPC #48: Roland, Human Wizard Tales about Roland were once told all across the known world. In his last years all he longs for is someone to pass his spellbook to.

Seipora, Cleric of War

NPC #47: Seipora, Cleric of War When Seipora’s holy work is complete the weak will serve the strong. And with an army of zealots at her back none would dare stop her.