Slarvaln, Undead Lizard King

NPC #44: Slarvaln, Undead Lizard King Long ago, Slarvaln, the lizard king, was slain by his Goliath enemies. Now his shaman consorts seek vengeance by granting him undeath.

Klexth, Illithid Neurosurgeon

NPC #42: Klexth, Illithid Neurosurgeon Using mind-bending substances, Klexth has almost perfected the art of the consciousness transplant. Now he just needs more patients.

Xtharn, Beholder Shapeshifter

NPC #41:¬†Xtharn, Beholder Shapeshifter Xtharn moves through the city disguised as a human. Only an unnerving gaze and ten rings provide any clue that they’re actually a beholder.