HSK Worldbuilding – Races, Part 6

Thanks to some reader input, it appears that today’s post will quickly cover the minor races of my setting (which I should probably name at some point). I’ll be working my way through the races as they are listed in the 5e Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook and trying to figure out how they fit in with the Big Three, namely humans, elves, and dwarves.

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Ep.1 – Raid and Rescue

This is a game report from the 1000 Isles campaign written and run by Sean Goodison. Disclaimer: Yes, I re-purpose a lot of info from pre-written modules. But isn’t the art of DMing about weaving those moments together into something bigger? This story still belongs to me and my players. I hope you enjoy it.


In the heart of a typical summer on Morden Isle the town of Shale is alive with trade. Situated halfway around the islands large, circular bay this is the home to many hunters, trappers, fishermen and merchants. While not the largest town, boasting less than a thousand residents, there is a constant flow of travellers moving through the port usually on their way to other larger destinations.

Today, merchants from nearby Harport roam the streets looking for furs, fish and wine. Local fishermen have taken to the harbour looking for today’s catch while the rest of the townsfolk go about their business ashore.

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