Amnon, Tiefling Cleric

I’ve been drawing stuff for the internet as Highscore Kid for just over six years now and have been running Dungeons & Dragons games for over five. As Highscore Kid embarks on its seventh year I’ve decided to set up an overarching project based on my love of D&D. My hope is that this project will fuel my inspiration, drive me to improve my character design skills, and possibly afford me some new gear along the way thanks to the Patreon page I’ve set up.

For the next year I will be designing and drawing a new character every week for you to use as pre-gen or Non-player characters in your own games. But before we start in earnest I’ve got one free character to create first, so that everyone can get an idea of what this journey is all about. So without further ado, lets get started.

NPC #00: Amnon, a Tiefling Cleric of light.

Though he strives to protect the weak, Amnon’s desire to purify the wicked with fire has made him a pariah among other clerics of light.


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Shale – Skyside

The half of Shale that lies above ground is known to locals as Skyside. A well defended port dominates its western edge and it is here that the Dyrmoine clan’s fleet of juggernauts rests. Jutting out of the harbour is an incredibly tall barracks that doubles as a lighthouse. From here clan Dyrmoine can watch the ocean for trouble as well as close the port’s gates if need be.

Through a great feat of dwarven engineering, the Celestine river has been put to work. As its waters rush down the canal that divides the town in two, an immense stone golem operates a rudder that directs the river to water wheels. These wheels in turn power a pair of lifts that connect Skyside to Shales underground half, Earthside.