Kelthael, Elven Ranger

NPC #02: Kelthael, a Wood Elf Ranger and Urchin. With his clan displaced, Kelthael has spent most of his life on the streets. Now he returns to the Duskwood to reclaim it for his people.

Abigail, Gnome Monk

NPC #01: Abigail, a Gnomish Monk of the Way of the Shadow. With flying fists or misdirection, Abigail ensures that no careless outsiders venture too far into the forest that she calls home.

Amnon, Tiefling Cleric – Complete

So there we have it. Week 0’s free NPC, Amnon, is ready for your consumption. Head over to the Patreon page for a high-res version of the art, a quick stat-block, and a short story from his background.

Shale – Dwarven Port

Shale Population: 8,000 permanent Located on the Western coast of the Celestine valley, Shale is a port city whose dwarven construction can be seen in the symmetry of its streets and the ingenuity of its design.

Shale – Skyside

The half of Shale that lies above ground is known to locals as Skyside. A well defended port dominates its western edge and it is here that the Dyrmoine clan’s fleet of juggernauts rests. Jutting out of the harbour is an incredibly tall barracks that … Continue readingShale – Skyside