Shale – Dwarven Port

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Population: 8,000 permanent


Located on the Western coast of the Celestine valley, Shale is a port city whose dwarven construction can be seen in the symmetry of its streets and the ingenuity of its design.

For the last five centuries Shale has been ruled by clan Dyrmoine, which is currently led by a mercurial dwarf named Zagan and boasts a mighty fleet of dwarven juggernauts.

The city itself is split into above- and underground districts called Skyside and Earthside respectively, and the two are connected by a pair of hydro-powered lifts that straddle the Celestine River. A massive stone Golem named Ank tirelessly works a rudder that directs the flow of water and activates each lift in turn. Dorian Black and Olga Krevchek have competing breweries Skyside and in the North-East lies the College of Lore, headquarters to The Scholasticate.

Earthside consists of a broad arcade that runs East to West and is flanked by massive terraces which are split into houses, shops, parks and factories. This arcade leads to Seabed, the part of the city that lies beneath the port and the sea. Several temples and a large clan-held Shipworks can be found here as well as a Barracks that pierces up through the cavern ceiling to emerge in the middle of the harbour as a lighthouse.

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