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I’m away visiting my family this weekend so no comic for y’all. As a slight consolation and to commemorate a shift in the site I’m instead going to post some pics of my latest Warmachine army, lead by Artificer General Nemo.
“Shift in the site,” you say? Yes, I’ve decided that as well as my regular comics I’m going to start posting about other stuff, mainly to do with my miniature hobby shiz.

So to kick it off, here is Nemo and his plucky assistant, the Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch.
Nemo-Finch-1 Nemo-Finch-3

A unit of Stormblades, ready to dish out lightning death to all who oppose them.SBlades-1 SBlades-2

A pair of Stormclads, I just love this ‘Jack.SClads-1 SClads-7

A lonely Stormsmith checks the time to see just how late his date is…SSmith-3

And the centrepiece model, the Storm Strider. Did I mention all the lightning death before? Because lightning and death are this guys middle names. Just call him Señor Storm Lightning Death Strider III.Strider-1 Strider-3

Aaaand coming up on the hobby horizon is some Stormcloak Saga Figures. I think I may have gotten a little obsessed with Storm-named things…

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