Cairnholm ep.8 – Hold the Line

I’m back in the DM chair for this weeks session and Dib has returned to playing his character with his reward of a shiny Mechanika collapsible rilfe, with bipod, scope, and accuracy rune.

The letter in O’Hare’s hands is from none other than Captain Maxwell Finn, an old war buddy. It turns out that part of his company, the 7th and 3rd Platoons, has been dispatched to hold a section of the front line near Fellig and Finn doesn’t think it will be enough men. He asks that O’Hare and his mercenary company meets them in 10 days to help hold the line.

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Cairnholm ep.7 – Storm the Building

‘Dib’s third and final session, for now.

It’s about 8, and the sun has just dipped down beyond the horizon, when the party spots a group of five thugs leave the safehouse. Llalrii has already cased the building and reported that every entrance other than the front door has been boarded over. It seems the only course of action is a frontal assault.

The group waits a few minutes before bursting out of their stakeout position and charging across the road. Pal takes the lead and shoulders the door, easily knocking it off it’s hinges and into the room. Randall is the next to enter and catches three mail-bound soldiers in the middle of a card game. As they draw weapons Randall opens fire with his handcannon, the bullet ricocheting off their armour but causing one man to stagger.

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Cairnholm ep.6 – Night Terrors

‘Dib’s second session, time for Randall Chadry Peddleswarth to step up his game.

First, some information on Stonebridge itself.
Built on the main river that runs on down to Cairnholm, Stonebridge is a trading post with river barges coming and going from further inland. Its namesake bridges are also very important strategically and for that reason the Ordic army holds a sizeable garrison there.

The party decide to head straight back to Stonebridge despite the late hour and arrive at midnight. Randall (failing a physique roll) discovers that his Gator bites have become infected and refuse to heal properly. Nevertheless, upon entering Stonebridge he enters the nearest tavern with much bravado and demands four rooms. One for himself, one for Alexis, and two for Pal, Zee, O’Hare and Llalrii to split. Knowing that there are assassins about, O’Hare volunteers for first watch while the others catch some sleep. Zee decides to watch over the wagon and his ‘Jack and spends the night in the stables while Randall takes a bottle of fine wine to help him sleep.

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Cairnholm ep.5 – Stuck in the Mud

The next session, run by ‘Dib’, began with the party on the road back to Cairnholm. Having just completed a basic caravan escort job to the nearby town of Stonebridge they were slowly making their way home through the Ordic swamplands when they spotted a body lying in the road.

O’Hare pulls up the wagon and everyone moves in for a closer look. As they approach the man they can see that he is unarmed and dressed in a fine, if somewhat torn, coat. Llalrii binds his wounds and helps the man regain consciousness long enough to speak the words, “Stonebridge… Assassin…”

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Cairnholm ep.4 – Dirty Business

Surrounded by the muck and refuse of an entire city the unnamed (come on guys) mercenaries push on through the sewer tunnels in search of some no-good Rhulic saboteurs.

Earlier that day Zee had received an urgent missive from his clan’s trading post in Lowtown. It turns out that a rival clan, the Vaine, were going to destroy their final bastion of trade. Having fallen on some hard times recently the Sons of Stonefathers couldn’t suffer the loss of such an important location and had decided to seek the aid of Zee and his merc friends. All they knew was that the attack would come from below, from the sewers and the labyrinth of tunnels that wind their way under Cairnholm.

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Cairnholm ep.3 – Ink Don’t Lie

We rejoin our heroes as a concussion shakes the Lord’s Fall Tavern. The bouncers guarding the back door immediately head upstairs to investigate and after a moment of shock the patrons return to their conversations with something new to talk about.

The party heads upstairs and quietly passes the room where the grenade went off. They can see that the bouncers are busy putting out several small fires and that the room has been wrecked. Dib is waiting for them when they enter the last room and Pal easily slides the armoire aside by himself, revealing the passageway.

Dib searches the room and finds a spare black robe which he dons before scouting down the passage with O’Hare. The rest of the party stays a bit back, concealed by the darkness of the passageway. When the scouts find a locked doorway O’Hare stacks up against one side as Dib knocks and prepares to bluff his way inside. A similarly robed figure opens the door and welcomes his ‘brother’ inside.

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Cairnholm ep.2 – Guns and Roses

We had a short session this week as one player was away and a couple more had to leave early. But here is episode two.

We left our heroes surrounded in the street by corrupt watchmen with Sergeant Hill demanding they hand over the Cryxian Cortex. Needless to say the team didn’t want to cooperate and when Hill’s men moved forward a fight broke out.

Dib gets things started by throwing a knockout grenade at Sergeant Hill’s feet, which manages to knock out one of his bodyguards. Captain O’Hare and Sergeant Hill immediately square off and spend most of the fight ducking and dodging each other’s attacks. Pal decides to stick with the wounded Golden Crucible Guard, so they can both benefit from their Defensive Line tactics He also uses his stone magic to crush a rifle-armed watchman under a pile of stone roof tiles. In a side alley Alexis holds her ground against another assailant but her ranged attacks are largely shut down in the close quarters. Lalrii covers the party’s back, cutting down a pair of watchmen with his Nyss Claymore and then moving to help Alexis.

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Cairnholm ep.1 – Fools Rush In

Well! The first session was a blast. We started out with the “Fools Rush In” intro adventure, which I slightly altered to take place in Cairnholm. If you plan on running this adventure then there will be spoilers ahead. If you’ve already run it then read on, some rather interesting things happened… Here goes.

Our sessions begins by introducing the headquarters of our yet-to-be-named mercenary company which is a modest apartment on the second floor of a squat stone building in Oldtown. The first floor is taken up by an exotic food hall, where Nyss, Trollkin, and Rhullic cuisine are sold at various stalls.

Upstairs, our mercs are killing time. Cap’n O’Hare , the leader of the group, is sitting behind his desk, cleaning his gun, when footsteps are heard coming up the stairs outside. As soon as the knock rings out the door opens. An exhausted young human hands O’hear a bound letter, salutes, and leaves. The group has been summoned by Watch Captain Rourke, who is their last hurdle to getting their Mercenary Charter made official.

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Cairnholm – Episodic Gaming

Tomorrow evening I’ll be running the first session of our IKRPG game and for this campaign I’ve decided to take some cues from action television shows. I’ve mentioned this briefly before but I thought I’d outline a structural idea which I think will make this campaign really fun. Each session will be split up into three sections, the first of which is called:

Last Time On…
This is the section where, just like on tv, the narrator reminds the viewers/players of the events which have led up to this moment. This gives me a chance to draw the players’ attention to those macguffins they picked up four sessions ago. That coded message that has been sitting at the bottom of a backpack, or the strange dream the party shared last full moon, might become vitally important to the mission at hand. Once this section is complete we carry on with:

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Cairnholm – Groups

Some information about the groups that run Cairnholm, from the bottom and the top.
Quick disclaimer: The images in this post are not mine… Obviously.

Ordic Army and Navy
West of the city lies a compound where dedicated military men train and live. Even with no great war to fight these men continue to do their duty, preparing for the worst.

City Guard
As a separate entity to the Ordic army, the City Guard plays the role of enforcer and policeman within Cairnholm. Not only do they run regular patrols to prevent crime, they also have an active investigative branch responsible for tracking and capturing wanted criminals.

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