Cairnholm – Groups

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Some information about the groups that run Cairnholm, from the bottom and the top.
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Ordic Army and Navy
West of the city lies a compound where dedicated military men train and live. Even with no great war to fight these men continue to do their duty, preparing for the worst.

City Guard
As a separate entity to the Ordic army, the City Guard plays the role of enforcer and policeman within Cairnholm. Not only do they run regular patrols to prevent crime, they also have an active investigative branch responsible for tracking and capturing wanted criminals.

HRS (Havelock Rail and Supply) Boys
The employees of Havelock Rail and Supply are notorious for their sense of brotherhood and protection of one another. They also boast a large number of skilled ‘Jack marshalls. Many a bar brawl has broken out when an unknowing patron has insulted the wrong man and then found himself surrounded by that mans coworkers. But despite their history of violence the HRS Boys have not been connected to any kind of organised crime.

The Daggermen
An all Elven (both Nyss and Iosan) crime syndicate operating out of the docks, the Daggermen mostly deal in the business of death. They have also been connected to smuggling, theft, extortion and arson.

The Black Dogs
Known for their use of trained attack dogs the Black Dogs have a presence throughout most of Lowtown. Their activities usually involve brute force crime such as burglaries, muggings, and of course extortion of shop-owners within their territory. It is believed that their base of operations is hidden somewhere in Oldtown.

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