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Session Zero

Check out this short Session 0 recording from my new D&D campaign. There’s not a whole lot of action in this one, but you’ll get to know our party of heroes: Nukk, Shivema, and Bosun.

Episode 1 – Bladerest

Here it is, the first proper episode of Tales of the Nomad Earth. Not just for this Journey campaign, but for the entire setting! In this episode, our heroes arrive in the mining village of Bladerest, and not a moment too soon!
Nukk doesn’t give his trust lightly, Shivema opens her mind, and Bosun throws his crossbow away.

Episode 2 – Rivals

We left our heroes dangling for a while there, but now they’re back with a vengeance. But who were the other group of adventurers that just arrived in Bladerest? Friend? Foe? Maybe both!
Nukk makes some first impressions, Shivema goes on reconnaissance, and Bosun finally fixes those shoddy walls.

Episode 3 – The Race Begins

There’s a light, and everybody wants it! Things are getting a little tense in Bladerest as our heroes try to figure out this mystery.
Nukk finds a clue, Shivema takes the lead, and Bosun provides some guidance.

Episode 4 – Circle of Wolves

The party finds itself in the middle of another deadly battle! Will they live long enough to make use of the information they’ve learned?
Nukk defaces an ancient text, Shivema looks at the stars, and Bosun covers their tracks.

Episode 5 – Stories Interrupted

On the road towards Krakenfell, our heroes share some stories around the campfire.
Nukk communes with the earth, Shivema hides in strange places, and Bosun remembers the good old days.

Episode 6 – Catch a Ride

Our heroes continue their fight against the Gnolls, revealing some new powers along the way.
Nukk channels the earth’s might, Shivema takes sanctuary, and Bosun shows no mercy.

Episode 7 – Still Waters Run Deep

Entering their first major city since the journey began, how will our heroes decide to spend their valuable time?
Nukk opens his third eye, Shivema delves deep, and Bosun plays chaperone.

Episode 8 – Bottom of the Lake

The party has to deal with Nukk’s sudden change, and then ventures out onto lake Krakenfell in order to ‘look deep.’
Nukk threatens everyone, Shivema sees something in the flames, and Bosun tries his hand at dentistry.

Episode 9 – Following Whispers

Nukk and Shivema are given an offer they can’t refuse and Bosun displays some new rune magic.
Nukk parts with a real treasure, Shivema leads the way, and Bosun makes a shield.

Episode 10 – Underworld

Past oozes and bouncers the gang finds the hideout of the Whisper, but it isn’t quite what they expected.
Nukk loses a bet, Shivema loses her drink, and Bosun loses his cool.

Episode 11 – The Deathtrap Dash pt. 1

The Whisper drives a hard bargain, but can’t pass up a good piece of entertainment for her subjects. Who will enter the gauntlet, and who will throw a gnome over their shoulder?
Nukk leads the masses, Shivema strikes a deal, and Bosun hands over all his money.

Episode 12 – The Deathtrap Dash pt. 2

The gang do their best, inside and out of the gauntlet, to win a favour from the Whisper.
Nukk finds a pumpkin, Shivema runs a conference call, And Bosun earns the ire of the crowd.

Episode 13 – The Deathtrap Dash pt. 3

The gang is moments away from completing the Deathtrap Dash. But can they defeat the plant creatures? And where did Gregori disappear to?
Nukk receives a token, Shivema lights up, and Bosun tries being a pro wrestler.

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