Seipora, Cleric of War

NPC #47: Seipora, Cleric of War When Seipora’s holy work is complete the weak will serve the strong. And with an army of zealots at her back none would dare stop her.

Valgus, Dragonborn Cleric

NPC #16: Valgus Blacktooth, Bronze Dragonborn Cleric After living as a pirate for many years, Valgus was struck by lightning. The bolt fried his brain but also revealed the power of the storm.

Aelar, Firbolg Cleric

NPC #13: Aelar, Firbolg Cleric Growing up in a city orphanage, Aelar is determined to reconnect with his Firbolg heritage by venturing into the wilderness. Loving the new races in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.