Viking Gambeson – Part 2

Almost done! I spent a few hours today trying to get this project finished and I’m very close. The only thing left to do is to add some eyelets down the sides so that the whole piece can be tightened to fit.

Armageddon 2015

Here’s some shots of our Clicker Cosplay. We got a whole bunch of photos of other people, but for now I’ll leave you with my three favourites.

HSK Cosplay: Lich King

So everyone knows this guy right? For the uninitiated this is the Lich King, from adventure time. He’s an immortal and thoroughly evil being who is determined to end all life. Naturally I decided I needed to turn myself into a lich too.

Act II

So, it’s the final morning of PAX. I’ve only got one day left to soak up as much nerdery as possible before it’s all GONE! For a whole nother year! Anyway, highlights from day two were; the Live DnD, where Acquisitions Incorporated fought lizardmen, featuring … Continue readingAct II

Loot Acquired

Well, that’s day one of PAX done. Almost all of my weekends objectives have already been met. -Take photos of cosplay girls for Blake? Check.-Find Dodger and gain photographic evidence for Wayne? Check.-Purchase the IKFMFRPGCR book for myself, and an extra one for Chris? Check. … Continue readingLoot Acquired