Shale – Skyside

The half of Shale that lies above ground is known to locals as Skyside. A well defended port dominates its western edge and it is here that the Dyrmoine clan’s fleet of juggernauts rests. Jutting out of the harbour is an incredibly tall barracks that … Continue readingShale – Skyside

The Manor House

I started work on a map of the Manor that’s going to serve as our base of operations in an upcoming campaign. I thought I’d include my sketch version as well, just to give some insight into the process. More details (furniture etc,) to come … Continue readingThe Manor House

Frozen Cathedral 02

In the newly dug temple, willing converts are invited to drink the dark waters that slough off the underground glacier. Those who need some more convincing of the new master Ixichithl’s glory are instead encouraged to spend some time in the icy pits of repentance. … Continue readingFrozen Cathedral 02