Frozen Cathedral – Final

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Well, here’s the finished map that will be making its gaming debut tomorrow evening as Malt’s Marauders delves into the mystery beneath the Frozen Cathedral. I really enjoyed working on this and will probably do a bunch more maps in the near future. If anyone wants to use this for their own game I only ask that you please tell me how it goes. I want to hear some epic stories.

“A few months ago, an ancient aboleth called Ixichithl awoke from a millennium of sleep. While still physically trapped within a glacier it was nonetheless able to telepathically bend some of the local clergy to its will. Having infiltrated their ranks, the priests worked to turn more of the congregation to the worship of this new entity and in the forgotten tunnels beneath the Frozen Cathedral a new temple was built.

Now, the corrupted priesthood sings hymns that shake the catacombs and send vibrations humming deep into the ice. Slowly but surely the glacier is melting and it is only a matter of time until Ixichithl is free once again.”


Areas of note are:
the Temple itself
the Ice Cells, at the top right
the Pens, where some winter wolves and a polar bear are being kept
the Barracks
the Dormitory
the Mess hall and kitchen
and the Caverns

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