Mission #0794

Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing MISSION #0794 MISSION TYPE: Retrieval and/or Fumigation TARGET: Mathew Lehto and Potential Unknown Ghost Accomplices EMPLOYER: Orpheus BACKGROUND Orpheus Group recruited Mathew Lehto three years ago in one of our earliest crucibles when he was 27 years old.  Prior to recruitment … Continue readingMission #0794


Now that my storyline is on a break I’m looking forward to doing more comics based on the events of my various RPGs. I’m not sure if the one-liner in this is exactly what Andrew said at the time but it’s probably very close.  

Orpheus – Roadtrip

Excerpts from the journal of Connor Galloway, an employee of Orpheus and member of Crucible 7.   Richmond Virginia, October 14, 2013. Early Monday morning I got back to the office. It was already quite busy when I arrived and I overheard someone talking about … Continue readingOrpheus – Roadtrip