Mission #0794

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Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing

MISSION TYPE: Retrieval and/or Fumigation

TARGET: Mathew Lehto and Potential Unknown Ghost Accomplices


Orpheus Group recruited Mathew Lehto three years ago in one of our earliest crucibles when he was 27 years old.  Prior to recruitment he attended a prestigious Ivy League university on a need-based scholarship.  He worked his way through graduate school with several highly competitive internships, and left with an MBA in finance.  After graduation, Lehto worked as a financial advisor with Morgana Financial, a high-profile investment bank; his first NDE was at the hands of a bank client, who, hit hard by the recession, responded with a shooting spree in the investment office.  The incident left Lehto and three staff members critically wounded.

Lehto’s tenure with Orpheus Group was unremarkable until six months ago.  He progressed through pay grades and clearances at the expected rate, and achieved bonuses for meeting organizational goals in several quarters.  Six months ago, Lehto’s crucible had a violent encounter with an Enigma-Class entity, resulting in the deaths of two agents in the line of duty.  Orpheus reassigned Lehto and the other two survivors.

In the past four months, Lehto filed referrals for three possible Retrieval missions, accruing the standard referral fee (10% of the job).  When questioned about these referrals during the biannual departmental audit, Lehto became evasive; he did not return to work the next day, and has not been seen since by Orpheus personnel.  The initial investigation by agents Zeledon and Grimes indicates Lehto was familiar with the familiesof the three deceased individuals through his college organizations, that he made outside inquiries into the families’ financial health prior to the deaths of the deceased, and that Lehto initiated the contact following the deaths of each individual.  Medical acquired coroner’s records in each case and determined that ghostly force cannot be ruled out as cause of death.

It is important to note that it is very possible that Lehto was not involved in any foul plau.  He may have predicted these events, kept his foreknowledge to himself, and acted in the aftermath for his own benefit.  Lehto is trained as a “banshee”.  This is a violation of Orpheus ethical protocols (though much less serious that the alternative).  Staff psychologists theorize that the encounter with the Enigma-Class NDE brought about mental instability in Lehto.  They caution that he may be self destructive when cornered.

Because Lehto has an alibi within Orpheus when two of the three victims died (confirmed by both Orpheus staff and security cameras), he will have accomplices if he is directly involved.  All of the ghosts in his case file have been cleared of any potential involvement, so any accomplices are unknown at this time.

Stage One. Locate Lehto.  Perform a reconnaissance and surveillance operation and inform us of what you see.  If he proves hostile, proceed to stage 2.

Stage two. Bring Mathew Lehto to Orpheus HQ.  Any non-living accomplices who interfere with the removal should be fumigated immediately.  Capture and detail any living accomplices.

Stage Three. Investigate all contacts within the 24-hour window for possible involvement.  It is vital you adhere to proper protocol when investigating human contacts; Orpheus will turn over all relevant information to law enforcement after review by Legal.

Lehto is a Banshee Skimmer.  He is in good shape, and possessed high levels of Vitality.  He was last seen living in an apartment complex on Monument Ave.  There is no reason to believe he would not still be present.


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