Xtharn, Beholder Shapeshifter

NPC #41: Xtharn, Beholder Shapeshifter Xtharn moves through the city disguised as a human. Only an unnerving gaze and ten rings provide any clue that they’re actually a beholder.

Bolo Saladis, Lizardfolk Ranger

NPC #39: Bolo Saladis, Lizardfolk Ranger Bolo is convinced that lizardfolk are evolutionary perfection, and they’re willing to kill one of every other creature in order to prove it.

Galladia, Aasimar Bard

NPC #38: Galladia, Aasimar Bard Galladia removes dissonance from the world through both her songs and her deadly sword-dance. All in the pursuit of structure and harmony.

Lilith, Half-Elf Sorcerer

NPC #37: Lilith, Half-elf Sorcerer A series of arcane accidents forced Lilith into hiding. In order to keep ahead of her pursuers, she never stays in one place for long.