Seipora, Cleric of War

NPC #47: Seipora, Cleric of War When Seipora’s holy work is complete the weak will serve the strong. And with an army of zealots at her back none would dare stop her.

Ida Siltteeth, Sea Hag

NPC #46: Ida Siltteeth, Sea Hag Ida Siltteeth emerges only during the full moon and lures travellers to their deaths with her enchanting song and fair facade.

Quelanna, Firbolg Ranger

NPC #45: Quelanna, Firbolg Ranger After receiving an unexpected reward for slaying a monster, Quelanna developed a love for shiny things that drew her away from her tribe.

Slarvaln, Undead Lizard King

NPC #44: Slarvaln, Undead Lizard King Long ago, Slarvaln, the lizard king, was slain by his Goliath enemies. Now his shaman consorts seek vengeance by granting him undeath.