April Update – Map mania

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Oh boy, was I busy in April. This last month I got into a bit of a routine of working on more simple illustrations and pumped out A LOT of stuff!
Case in point, I started on a series of NPC illustrations for the Nomad Earth setting. I really want to run this campaign as a live show in a few months time and want to be ready with plenty of original art!

To that end I also started building up a library of encounter maps. I don’t foresee the game requiring a map for EVERY combat, as I’d like to try and stick to theatre-of-the-mind, but sometimes a fight gets hard to track when there are a lot of combatants.

I’m also planning on releasing all of the maps as a pack for others to use on Roll20 and there has been a bit of interest in that.

I’ve also been asked to play in an online campaign sometime later in the year and started working up some concepts of what I might play. One idea that I drew up was a firbolg monk, captured and taken from his hidden village and forced to fight in an arena. He’s got a bit of a reputation for leaving his fights completely unharmed, but it’s just a clever use of his innate disguise self spell.

Every Thursday I try to keep up to date with Critical Role and watch it live. There’s usually one or two scenes per episode that I really want to capture, so here’s my bit of fanart for the month.

And finally, a series of more illustrative maps that I’m planning to use in a shorter campaign. Still based in the Nomad Earth setting, this will be a treasure-hunt or road-trip kind of adventure with the party traveling from location to location finding clues that will eventually lead them to a Wish. My plan is to run this campaign for some friends and family back home and record it as a mini-podcast. Kind of an introduction to the setting while I figure out the live game.

A bunch of these maps are already up on my Patreon and the rest will be following along shortly. If you’re reading this and would like to use any of these maps, you can get high-resolution versions of all of them for only $4 a month! For April, that was something like 5 or 6 maps!

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