March Update – The Commissions come rolling in

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I had a surprising amount of commission work this month. The first of which was this massive piece depicting my Friday night Eberron D&D crew. I’m almost at the point where between this and my freelance design work, I can actually live off that income which is a wildly foreign concept to me.

I worked on a couple of extra illustrations for the Ballard of the Pistolaro RPG kickstarter and a D&D character of efreet heritage with an interesting mix of celtic and arabic styles.

I also started getting into the habit of sketching and drawing while watching streamed shows. This fake poster for an epic fight that took place on Critical Role actually got picked up by CritRoleStats, who used it in an episode summary article.

Although, most of the fanart I’ve done has been more like the following pieces. Little vignettes of funny moments and conversations.

And of course, I found some time to draw my own characters as well. Some alternate versions of my Aasimar, Kelthael, as well as a new one, Garakas. I joined a short 3-session streamed game on the Variant Roles channel in which the players were all Githyanki. I rolled TERRIBLE stats (13, 12, 11, 11, 9, 8) and decided that I would play an elderly gith, one who has spent too long on the material plane.

Finally, towards the end of the month the Borderlands 3 trailer dropped and I was compelled to draw the new siren (Who I’ve since learned is called Amara), especially because it looks like she’s going to be the character with a melee-based skill. As a huge fan of playing as Brick and Krieg, I think I’ve found my personal favourite already.

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