Introducing Lady Susannah Lupis

I thought it might be a good idea to start writing something in here. I realise that sometimes the imagery is not quite as self-explanatory as I think, especially of late.
This series of drawings features some important characters from a DnD campaign that I’m about to start running with a group of friends.
These last three are all leaders of important houses in the fictional city of Lyre, which I have posted drawings of in the last month. Tomorrow’s drawing will finish off with the leader of House Braccus.
For those who are interested in my campaign it features the bustling city of Lyre and the surrounding region of Tyros. It is a unique mix of romanticised western themes and tried and true high fantasy cliche.
The creation of this world is taking up a lot of my time of late, which is why all my drawings have been on this subject. I’m not complaining of a lack of free-time, mind you, I love this shit.
Now I just have to hope that the players enjoy this world as much as I do.

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