May Update –

There wasn’t a massive amount of work going on in May, but I chalk it up to the fact that my computer was being couriered across the pacific ocean! That’s right, May was busy in another way, as I moved back from Canada to New … Continue readingMay Update –

Brand – Mage-hunter

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to be jumping on my first live D&D stream with my awesome friends over atĀ . Keep an eye on my twitter feed @HighScoreKid for when the session starts (should be around 5pm PST). I needed a copyright free piece of … Continue readingBrand – Mage-hunter

The Castle Mac Crew

As my good friends over at bring their season of Curse of Strahd to a close, I spent some time commemorating their Barovian exploits in this character collage. Go check these guys out! One campaign may be ending, but there’s plenty of others still … Continue readingThe Castle Mac Crew