Mission #0725

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Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing

MISSION TYPE: Fumigation

LOCATION: Saint Marie’s Home for Orphaned Children

Recently, several children residing at Saint Marie`s Home for Orphaned Children have committed suicide.  Supposedly happy children suddenly fell into a state of deep depression for several days, and then suddenly kill themselves.  No one knows why the children have been stricken with these suicidal urges, and after a drawn out police investigation, the head master of the Orphanage (Sister Anita Madeline) was referred to Orpheus Group.

Two Orpheus Group investigators were sent to the Orphanage for a preliminary investigation, which revealed the existence of a Hostile Post Life Entity.

Soon after Orpheus Group was hired, Sister Madeline has begun hearing voices in her room after lights out, telling her things she deemed *too profane to ever repeat*.

The top priority of this mission is to eliminate the P.L.E. and also discover why the P.L.E. has targeted the children of Saint Marie’s Home for Orphaned Children.

Saint Marie’s Home for Orphaned Children was established in 1965.  It has always had a reputation instilling a strict Catholic upbringing in the children residing within, as well as even stricter punishments for breaking school rules.  Sister Anita Madeline has run the orphanage since 1974, which, strangely was the year that the orphanage`s only run away has occurred, a 9-year-old boy named William Danson. Since the disappearance of Danson, there has not been another incident of missing children reported.


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