Mission #0793

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Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing

MISSION TYPE: Intelligence Gathering/Fumigation

LOCATION: The Smithsonian Institute of Fine Art, Washington DC

EMPLOYER: Dr. David Greene (Head Curator)

11 Months ago, Herbert Carey (a purchasing director for The Smithsonian institute) was found dead in his office. It was deemed a suicide. Carey opposed the purchase of a 1.3 million dollar work of art titled The “Dies Ignes”. The Dies Ignes was painted by Salvatore Giovanni during the renaissance. The piece features a radiant angel wielding a sword, and flying high above a barren landscape. The piece was purchased by Lee Anne Crowley, The Institutes other senior purchaser. Shortly before his death, Carey vehemently opposed the purchase for reasons unknown. Each month, Carey and Crowley were given an allowance of 500,000USD, so the Dies Ignes represented nearly ¼ of the year’s allowance. As stated previously, Carey opposed the purchase. The painting was purchased from a previously unknown dealer named Thomas Augustus in Venice. Crowley insisted on sealing the deal herself.

Dr. Greene insisted on contacting Orpheus when strange occurrences began taking place on the 3rd floor, where the Dies Ignes was housed. Night janitors report sounds of ghostly whispers, footsteps, and seeing a shadowy figure walking the halls. The only violent incident occurred when all of the windows in one of the men’s restrooms were found shattered. Dr. Greene wants the PLE to be peacefully removed, and if it is in fact Herbert Carey, to find out why he has stuck around.

Herbert Carey was a happy family man. He had a daughter who attends Timber Ridge Elementary school, and a beautiful wife. Friends and family say his family life seemed wonderful, and he was often referred to as a deeply religious man. Coworkers described him as being constantly cheery, and upbeat. He was a close personal friend of Dr. Greene, and the two spent many an afternoon on the golf course together.

The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be an overdose of sleeping pills. The pills were narrowed down to a brand called “Sovadine”, a prescription strength pill. Carey did not have a prescription for the drug.


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