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We’ve received an exclusive videotape from the Melrose Hotel in Washington DC depicting some truly extraordinary events! We should warn you, this footage may be unsettling for younger viewers
<cut to security camera footage with voice over>
*woman walks slowly out of her door into a hallway. Slowly, she walks down the hall.*
Here we see 49 year old Abigail Horner allegedly posessed by a malevolent spirit. The spirit is taking her towards the pool area, presumably to drown her in a horrendous display.
Thankfully for her, several Orpheus agents are staying just down the hall
*Cut to Dahlia and Connor walking down the hall*

– the rest of the scene is shown as captured by security cameras. The footage is grainy and doesn’t show much, but does solidly show the action from that point of view.

The reporter then interviews the woman. While she was terrified, she also genuinely thanks the Orpheus agents for saving her life.

“While Orpheus agents are instructed not to speak with the media, a spokesman for the company did inform us that Orpheus Agents take it upon themselves to protect the innocent whenever possible, and that the actions of the agents in questions were well within guidelines and to be applauded.”

“But this does raise the question- what is our country doing to…”

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