Grot, Goblin Ranger

NPC #19: Grot, Goblin Ranger Grot doesn’t much care for raids or ambushes. But he’ll be thrice-damned if he lets some cityfolk just wander through his clan’s forest.

Holiday One-shot Map

This holiday season I’m going to be running a 5e D&D one-shot for some close friends and family. I thought I’d make a cool map prop to use in the game and decided to try my hand at some watercolours.

Rhea, Aasimar Paladin

NPC #18: Rhea, Aasimar Paladin Rhea watched helplessly as her city fell. Now, having failed to fulfil her destiny, she wastes her days drinking and fighting for money.

Rats, Kenku Warlock

NPC #17: Rats, Kenku Warlock Like all Kenku, Rats wants to fly. Unlike most however, they’re willing to steal trinkets for devils in exchange for that ability.