Teleporting Dog

Last night I had the strangest dream.
I was walking home with Victor and we passed a little fenced off section where I knew a teleporting dog lived.
I’d seen it before, a stocky daschound that could vanish and reappear nearby.
Anyway, the teleporting dog was out and he ran up to me.
I asked Victor if he had a leash as I wanted to keep this teleporting dog.
It just so happens he had one hanging around his neck.
So I attached myself to the teleporting dog’s collar and he started pulling me along.
We were led off the path and down into the bushes via a forgotton stairway and then found ourselves in a dormitory.
My new teleporting dog pulled me inside and down some stairs.
Now this dormitory was odd, built room upon room, it plunged down into the earth.
Each bedroom I was unwillingly pulled into would reveal another staircase behind a wardrobe door or something similar.
I remember thinking how little privacy the residents must have with people constantly walking through their lives to get to the surface.
It took about 10 levels or so before we reached the end, at which point I could hear that someone had followed us down.
They were no doubt wondering why we had entered their dorm.
But before I could explain and blame my teleporting dog he… Teleported away.
Leaving me to walk back up all the stairs with the disapproving looks of the residents on my back.

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