They Did What!?

I didn’t have enough time yesterday to write something about what went down but let me catch you up on the story.

Early on Saturday morning my card declined when I tried to purchase a drink from a gas station for $2.70.
Having just had payday roll by less than a week ago I thought that surely there must be some kind of error and it will be sorted later that afternoon.
I was also participating in a Flames of War doubles tournament which kept me away from home and away from any internet access for the whole day. It wasn’t until about six when I finally logged into my account and discovered that I had no money… Zero dollars.

Earlier in the week I had booked flights from Auckland to Seattle and back so that I can attend PAX later this year (AWESOME). However something went awry and the travel agency charged me twice. Remember how I said I had zero dollars before, that’s kind of a lie. I have negative thirty-two dollars.

It’s really no cause for alarm though. I’ve contacted the people who needed contacting and the problem is being resolved. How quickly? I have no idea. But it should be interesting to see how well I can survive being broke.

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