Mission #0793

Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing MISSION #0793 MISSION TYPE: Intelligence Gathering/Fumigation LOCATION: The Smithsonian Institute of Fine Art, Washington DC EMPLOYER: Dr. David Greene (Head Curator) BACKGROUND 11 Months ago, Herbert Carey (a purchasing director for The Smithsonian institute) was found dead in his office. It was … Continue readingMission #0793

News Bulletin

PIGMENT POISON- RIchmond Times Dispatch It’s been a couple of years now since the first murmurs of a new menace rose from the dark streets where pushers and addicts ply their foul trade. They called it “pigment”, a supposed heroin derivative – like crack is … Continue readingNews Bulletin

News Bulletin

RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH. Oct 9 Issue. Front Page Arizona Man arrested for alleged trespassing after neighbors discovered he had been using a homebrew method of “projecting”. The US Government has no comment on the matter, but watchdog groups expect sweeping laws regarding regulation of the … Continue readingNews Bulletin

Mission #0725

Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing MISSION #0725 MISSION TYPE: Fumigation LOCATION: Saint Marie’s Home for Orphaned Children BACKGROUND Recently, several children residing at Saint Marie`s Home for Orphaned Children have committed suicide.  Supposedly happy children suddenly fell into a state of deep depression for several days, and then … Continue readingMission #0725