Christmas RPG – Clearing the Forest

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The land of Varran was once a single continent with a typical fantasy civilization built upon it. All the races lived there until one day a huge meteor shower tore the land to pieces. What was left was a ring of islands.

Civilization survived by hiding underground in Dwarven strongholds. When it was safe to venture back to the surface it was the Dwarves who held all the power and the islands were eventually claimed by one of five Dwarven clans.

The other important effect of the meteors was that all divine magic stopped working, people were suddenly unable to commune with their gods. In its place people discovered the gift of psionics.

Our story takes place on one of the Eastern-most islands, ruled over by a Dwarven clan nicknamed the Trappers because of the forests that cover most of their land. Our characters are all residents of the islands main port, Midfast.


Kheg is a faithful prophet who can call upon miracles.
In a world abandoned by its gods Kheg is unique in his ability to call upon divine aid. He lives in a small chapel on the outskirts of town and presides over a congregation of people who haven’t lost faith in the old gods and believe they will return one day.
Kheg is played by my older brother.

Farakwon is a tough barbarian who can turn into animals.
He is one of Kheg’s only friends in Midfast, mainly because he works at one of the local taverns and supplies Kheg with a steady supply of his favourite beer ‘Weasel Piss.’
Farakwon is played by my younger brother.

Wong Shi is a cunning ninja who can turn invisible.
He spends most of his time working at the local herbalists shop, dealing in healing poultices. But some people, including Farakwon, know that he can also be hired for more dangerous work.
Wong Shi is played by my dad, who was surprisingly really keen to play.

The Story

It began at the monthly meeting between Kheg and Farakwon.

F- “Hey, good sir. Welcome to the Weasel Inn, it’s been far too long.”
K- “My friend Farakwon! How are you?”
F- “My back is sore. But I have just received a fresh batch of Weasel Piss, and also, if you’d like, some Beaver Piss”
K- “Listen Farakwon, I have to admit something to you. I actually can’t afford to pay for this months supply of Weasel Piss. Not as many followers have been making their way out to my chapel lately.”
F- “Perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement. Otherwise I’ll be forced to kick you out of this place.”
K- “I don’t really have anything to do around my chapel, I can do my prayers at night, so I was thinking maybe I could help out around the bar. Wash some dishes, I can lift things.”
F- “I have a proposal for you. There are some goblins that have been raiding near Midfast. I’ve heard that you are a mun that has luck on your side and I would like to bring you on my quest to take down these scum.”
K- “I can see you standing there, and your muscles, and your swords over there… You obviously know what you’re doing. Have you seen me? I’ve lived in a tower for like, 30 years. You can forget about it, I’ll wash dishes.”
F- “I don’t have the power to get you that job at this sweet tavern.”
K- “Well dammit, I’ve got nothing left.”
F- “This quest may be very fruitful. Go talk to my accomplice who is sitting down there at the bar. His name is Wong Shi. Be careful though, he is a cunning ninja.”
K- “This is all moving a bit fast! You’re the only person I’ve talked to in town for 20 years.”
F- “Well, I have to go move these kegs. So you go and talk to Wong Shi and if he agrees to let you in on this quest then you will no doubt earn yourself a reward.”
K- “Alright Farakwon, I’ll go talk to your friend. But if we’re going out there to fight goblins. I mean, real goblins. I need to know that you’ve got my back.”
F- “I’m tough! See?” Farakwon flexes his muscles behind the bar and turns a few heads.
K- “I can see, and I am impressed.” Farakwon continues to flex, “So as long as you’ve got my back, and look out for me, I will come with you and try my best.”
F- “I promise! Now talk to Wong Shi, he knows the finer details.”

Kheg is reluctant to put himself at risk, but knows that the goblin menace is threatening his congregation and stopping them from making the journey to his chapel. He makes his way awkwardly down the bar and finds the elf, Wong Shi, finishing off a pint of double-strength Weasel Piss.

W- “Greetings Kheg.”
K- “Your name is Wong Shi, am I right? You’re a cunning ninja.”
W- “Who told you that?”
K- “Farakwon. He tells me you’re both planning some sort of adventure to deal with the Goblins on the southern road.”
There is some confusion as it appears that Farakwon had volunteered Wong Shi without asking him first. Kheg calls the barkeep over to set things straight.
F- “Wong Shi, good to see you again. Now I heard tell, that you have a map. That you have a bit of insight into where these goblins are located.”
W- “This is correct. On my many travels I have accumulated knowledge of their movements.”
F- “This faithful man here, would like to join us on a quest, ridding the town of the goblins. But we need you to tell us where they are. We have gold to pillage and booty to get.”
W- “And what skill, Kheg, do you bring to the table.”
K- “This has nothing to do with me, I am a humble servant of the old gods.”
W- “You must have some skill that you can offer.”
The three men begin to argue over whether Kheg should come. Farakwon is adamant that his friend should join the adventure, while Wong Shi doesn’t think he will help them. Kheg is unsure what to do and when Farakwon slaps his hand down on the bar he calls out.
K- “Alright. Listen.”
Kheg picks up a steak knife off a nearby table and stabs it into Farakwons hand. Heads turn to stare as Farakwon lets out a small cry of pain and surprise. He raises his fist to punch Kheg who cries out, “Wait, wait!” Farakwon instead stares at Kheg as he pulls the knife out of his own hand.
Kheg then places both his hands over the wound, closes his eyes, and offers a prayer to the old gods. Light shines out from between his fingers and as the others watch other cuts and bruises on Farakwon’s arm shrink and disappear. When Kheg moves his hands Farakwon’s hand is healed and he feels invigorated.

W- “So Farakwon, your man here is a healer?”
F- “He is a man of many talents. I have seen him do amazing things and I recommend that you come on this quest. Both of you. For these goblins have riches like you have never seen. You’ll have more liquor than you could ever dream of drinking.”
K- “I only care about my chapel. But I’m in.”
W- “Because of our long friendship and our trust, I am in.”

The next day Wong Shi leads the party off through the woods towards where he thinks the goblin camp is located. It is a five day trek as they have to move cautiously to avoid goblin scouts. On the second night the ninja returns to their camp with a deer, but warns the others not to set a fire as it would give away their position. Kheg is unsure about eating raw deer meat but Wong Shi and Farakwon both dig in and reassure his that it’ll be fine. When they see the look of disgust on Kheg’s face after his first bite Wong Shi offers him some herbs to make it taste better. Kheg tries it and gulps the rest down. On the fourth day, after the deer meat has just run out Farakwon also manages to catch a few rabbits.

On the fifth day they arrive at the mouth of a ravine. Wong Shi tells them that the goblin camp lies deep in the valley. They haven’t spotted any goblins yet and so Wong Shi decides to scout ahead. Farakwon recommends they split up to which Kheg replies with an emphatic, “No! You promised.”
So Kheg and Farakwon wait at the mouth of the ravine while Wong Shi moves silently forward. They make themselves comfortable by a pair of fallen trees that have crossed over each other and when they turn around to bid Wong Shi good luck he has vanished.

Wong Shi turns invisible, makes his way up the valley and manages to spot the entrance to the goblin’s cave. While watching however he slips on some loose rock and falls down a short rocky bank. In the confusion he loses concentration and he turns visible again. Goblin guards spot him and chase him all the way back to where the others are waiting.

When Wong Shi shows up, calling out that goblins are on his heels, Farakwon wastes no time and shapeshifts into a bear. Behind him, Kheg prays for strength for Farakwon and opens his eyes to see that the barbarian has turned into a large bear with snow-white fur.

As Wong Shi nears the bear he turns invisible and immediately changes direction so that he can run back to flank his pursuers. Farakwon is still getting used to his bear senses when he notices the pack of goblins come running out of the ravine and is unsure how many there are. He charges anyway and soon finds himself in their midst as the front three goblins run past him, slashing as they go. The first two attacks bounce off the tough bear but the third manages to strike true as Farakwon leaps over him. The rusted sword tears into Farakwons stomach and when he lands he can feel blood dripping from the wound. There are now three goblins between him and the rest of the party and another four goblins who have just emerged from the ravine.

Kheg prays for the gods to protect Farakwon, holding out a hand towards his friend. The clouds above part and a beam of light strikes the bleeding bear. As Kheg concentrates armoured plates begin to take shape until a few seconds have passed and the bear is encased in fitted steel barding. Afterwards Kheg feels out of breath and has to lean up against a nearby tree. Meanwhile Wong Shi has circled around to attack the three lead goblins. When he reappears, his sword drawn, he slashes into one goblin then turns and kills another. The third goblin comes running towards this new assailant approaching from behind but Wong Shi hears him and, with out turning, stabs backwards under his arm. The goblin catches the blade right in his throat and drops his weapon before Wong Shi kicks him to the ground.

Farakwon engages the other group of goblins, swinging his claws back and forth. The goblins manage to dodge out of the way and begin dashing in from all sides to try and hurt the Farakwon as he roars. Their attacks bounce harmlessly off the plate armour but eventually one of them gets a lucky hit that contacts skin. But even that attack poses no concern to the tough Farakwon. Back up by the treeline Kheg prays for misfortune to plague these goblins and as he does so he sees one of them draw a throwing dagger. As the blade flies through the air Farakwon lunges to attack another goblin taking himself out of the throwing dagger’s path. It flies across the melee and embeds itself in the head of another goblins who crumples to the ground.

The goblins are so focused on the beast among them that they haven’t noticed Wong Shi’s kills. The ninja lets out a battle cry as he dashes into the flank of the remaining goblins. One of them turns to strike Wong Shi but freaks out when the ninja turns invisible at the last second. Suddenly Wong Shi is standing next to the goblin and slashing his blade straight through its waist. Before the goblins torso has hit the ground Wong Shi disappears once more.

Farakwon continues to keep the last two goblins busy, laying about himself with claws and bites, but he isn’t quite fast enough to land a hit. The last remaining goblins now split up as one of them has realised that a sometimes invisible ninja has been killing all his friends. The other goblin parries Farakwons attacks with his sword and leaves a ragged cut along one of his paws.

Kheg sees that one of the goblins is spooked by Wong Shi and decides to take a shot at throwing his dagger. The distance is long but the priest manages to get it on target. It is only at the last second that the goblin sees the dagger flying towards him and dodges aside. He watches the blade fly past him and then stop in mid air. A confused expression crosses his face for a second and then Wong Shi materialises, holding the dagger. He watches as the ninja throws the dagger, killing the goblin who was engaging Farakwon. When he turns back to stare at Wong Shi all he sees is a blur of motion before a short blade is sunk into his chest.

K- “Wong Shi! Where did you learn to fight that way, that was amazing?! You pretty much just took out all those goblins.”
W- “I am a ninja. I was chosen as a child to receive this special training.”
Farakwon shifts back into a human and as he does the barding glows briefly before vanishing.
F- “Stop this chatter. We’ve got a mission to achieve, let’s keep going.”

The party discusses their next move while Farakwon checks the bodies for useful equipment. The armour is mostly animal hide but the weapons are of a better quality, obviously having been stolen from the raided caravans. Kheg refuses to have anything to do with the bodies but accepts a bandolier of throwing knives that Farakwon finds. He receives some praise for his surprisingly excellent throw during the fight.

Knowing that the goblins will be out searching and that the day was drawing to a close Wong Shi suggests that the party take shelter for the night in order to heal up before attacking the goblin camp. He knows of a nearby cave used by some hunters where they should be safe.


That’s all for now folks, but the story does continue. This is about a third of the total adventure and if y’all enjoyed this then let me know and I’ll definitely carry on with the writeup. You can leave a comment over on the Facebook page or tweet me @HighscoreKid

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